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Kirk Veterinary is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness in October!!
Breast cancer is a concern in both the human and animal world. With this in mind, for the month of October, all cat spays are $60.00 and all dog spays are $80 (+ $15charge if pregnant or in heat)! Why is it important to spay your pets? Well I’m glad you asked.  Let us explain the benefits of spaying.
What is spaying?
Spaying your pet entails surgical removal of the reproductive organs. In females, these are the ovaries and uterus, and the procedure is called an ovariohysterectomy, or spay. For routine spaying, the best age for dogs and cats is before puberty. Spaying is considered a routine abdominal operation. The procedure is done with the animal under general anesthesia and consists of a small incision in the abdomen for removal of the ovaries and uterus. Recovery is generally prompt. Most cats and dogs can go home the day of surgery and are back to normal within five to seven days.
What are the benefits of spaying?
      -       Dogs and cats spayed before their first heat (six months of age) are virtually assured of not developing breast cancer, a relatively common disease in unspayed females.
-       Spayed animals stay home and have less chance of being involved in traumatic accidents such as being hit by a car, lower incidence of contracting contagious diseases, and fewer fights.
-       Spayed pets cannot develop the uterine infection called “Pyometra”, which occurs commonly among older, unsprayed pets. This is a life threatening disease.
-       Spayed animals do not go through heat cycles and all of their side effects including constant crying, bloody discharge, external genital swelling and the attraction of many males to the house.
-       Spayed pets do not have unwanted litters.
Answers to common questions:
- Spaying will NOT make your dog or cat fat and lazy unless she is overfed.
- It is NOT true that a cat or dog should have one litter before being spayed. This only leads to
more unwanted puppies and kittens and a higher chance of breast cancer or pyometra with every heat she goes through.
- Spaying will NOT change your pet's personality. Cats' personalities do not fully develop until
about one year of age, and dogs' between one and two years. If your pet's personality changes
after spaying at an early age, it would have changed without surgery.
We know that your pet is part of your family. We can help you by preventing breast cancer in your beloved pet. Call us today at 812-865-2329 to make an appointment.


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