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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets!

  •  Keep your tree securely anchored so that curious pets cannot tip it, possibly causing an injury to themselves or others.
  •  Prevent pets from drinking the water in the live tree stands.  It can harbor bacteria and fertilizers that could potentially harm your pets.
  •  Avoid hanging tinsel or icicles on your tree, as it can attract cats that see it as a play toy.  Cats should never be allowed to play with any string like items because if swallowed they can become a life threatening foreign object within the intestines.
  •  Keep live plants including mistletoe, lilies, holly and poinsettias away from pets as these plants if ingested can cause cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal upset and even kidney failure.
  •  Fight the urge to share your holiday feast with your pets.  Many of the favorite holiday foods are not good for our pets.  Fatty foods, bones and sweets should never be given to a pet.  Stick with treats such as green beans, fat free popcorn, Cheerios or pumpkin.


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We know that your pet is part of your family. We can help you by preventing breast cancer in your beloved pet. Call us today at 812-865-2329 to make an appointment.


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